Once Upon a Time

“I never wanted to drink a cup of coffee slower. I didn't want our date to end.”

— Jacquelyn

“One coffee date of four hours led to countless discussions, short term dehydration, and a summer of fun and big decisions!”

— Rémi

Jacquelyn and Rémi met at a crossroads in both of their lives. Jacquie had recently moved from her home state of Texas to Atlanta for an internship. Meanwhile, Rémi was planning to finish his Master's thesis at Georgia Tech in a few weeks time and preparing to head back to France. They both found themselves on a dating app, and their one second swipe changed the rest of their lives.

After a few whitty back and forths, they decided to meet at a nearby coffee shop, which, as fate sometimes has its way of working in funny ways, eventually would become their neighborhood coffee stop when they got their first apartment together. The two sipped cappuccinos and the time flew by, until they realized the coffee shop was closing shortly. They parted ways that afternoon, but from that day on, they were inseparable.

Their remaining months together in Georgia were full of long walks through Piedmont Park, celebrating a French World Cup win, ice cream stops at Jeni’s, joyful dinners with friends and late nights at coffee shops as they studied and applied to jobs to figure out where their lives would take them next. Eventually Rémi decided this Texas girl was a mighty fine reason to stay, and they both found themselves jobs in the Washington D.C. area where their next adventure together would start.

In the Fall of 2021, Rémi planned a surprise trip to Boston, which was one of the first places that they traveled together. On the trip, he asked Jacquie to marry him, and the two went back to Washington as fiance and fiancee. Now a pandemic, two spicy kitties, and years of laughter later, they can’t wait to say “Oui” to make it forever.

And the rest is history