Frequently Asked Questions

For the inquisitive minds

What to expect the day of

Learn more about the wedding day plan and details.

What events should I attend?
When should I arrive at the church ceremony?
Will I have time in between the ceremony and reception?
Are the events indoors or outdoors?
Do the venues have AC?
How long will the reception last?
Will there be parking available?
Will there be transportation provided?
What food will be served at the reception?

Travel questions

Everything from flights to your stay and transportation.

Do I need a Visa to travel to France?
When should I arrive and how long should I stay?
When should I book my flight and trains?
When should I book my hotel?
Do I need a car?
Do you have a hotel room block?
What if I lose my checked baggage?
Do I need an international health insurance plan?

Help...what to pack

Clothes and shoes and toiletries... OH MY!

What is the dress code?
Do I need to pack anything in particular?
What is the weather like in May?
Should I bring my invitation?

Other questions

Questions, questions and some answers.

When and how do I RSVP?
Can I bring my children?
Can I bring a plus one?
What about my furry friends?
I can't attend the wedding in person. Will there be a virtual option?
What about Covid-19?
Are masks or vaccines required?
Do you have a registry?
Will you be accommodating any diet restrictions?
Will you be serving alcohol at the reception?
What types of seeds are in the invitations?