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Cholet, France

We are so excited to have all of you celebrate with us in Cholet, and we are so appreciative of your sacrifices to make it possible. For more information on Cholet, visit its tourism site.

Cholet is a medium-sized city of about 50,000 located in the region Pays de la Loire and in the department Maine et Loire, which is in the northwestern part of the country. Taking the highways, it is just about 4 hours from Paris (350 km or 220 miles), and it will take you roughly the same time to get to Bordeaux. An 1.5-hour drive will take you to the nearest beaches on the Atlantic coast. If you're more interested in the rich history of the coasts of Normandie, they are about 4 hours away. You can stop in Bretagne (Britanny), a region infamously known for its rain but also for its cuisine, which we will showcase to you! Along this route, you'll want to stop at the Mont-Saint-Michel, a very peculiar island right off the coast of Normandie.

Closer to home and to your wedding destination, you may want to check out Nantes, one of France's largest cities with its beautiful castle and the "Passage Pommeraye" in the city center. If you're there, you should absolutely visit "Les Machines de l'Île", which is a one-of-a-kind artistic project that blends incredible engineering, storytelling, and creativity. Angers is another worthwhile stop if you want to tour a massive medieval castle overlooking the Maine river which is a tributary of the Loire river. Talking about castles and the Loire river, you will be in the right place if you're into history. Following the water and stopping by the "Châteaux de la Loire" (Castles of the Loire Valley) are worthy adventures. In Saumur, you could visit the "Cadre Noir" (the School of Cavalry) and go take a look at the "troglodytes" (underground living).

A must see (according to Rémi who literally would go every year) is the "Puy du Fou". While the accuracy of the history depicted in its shows is debated, it is undoubtedly a unique theme park (don't expect rollercoasters) that you will never forget visiting. It is a 25-minute drive from Cholet, and plan to spend at least a full day to enjoy all their main shows and grounds. If you have the time and get the separate tickets ahead of time, top it off with their night show called la "Cinéscénie", a gigantic live show that will take you breath away (or you can ask Rémi for a refund)!

We couldn't list here all that France has to offer, but feel free to reach out and Rémi will do his best to suggest places, even though he probably hasn't seen most of them himself!

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Food and drinks

When in France...

To all of our dear non-French guests, we wanted to compile some etiquette and things to be aware of.

  • Restaurants close in between meal times. Be sure to check hours and stick to normal hours for meals or you may go hungry.
  • French do "la bise" (cheek kisses) when greeting the way Americans would hug. Or a handshake works too!
  • A normal coffee (café) is an espresso. Prepare yourself for some caffeine jolts!
  • Delivery and to-go isn't as common. Eat your food there, take your time and enjoy!
  • French waiters don't rush you out and meals take time. Flag down your waiter when you got to go.
  • Freshen up with some Duolingo to get some basic French words.